Kushtrim Xhakli

Currently I'm the Director of Connected Inventions a company based in Helsinki, Finland that manufactures and develops, energy efficient (IoT) IoT, or the Internet of Things, refers to a network of connected devices that collect and share data over the internet. These devices range from everyday objects to industrial machinery and enable automation and data-driven insights. devices and solutions based on global Sigfox Sigfox is a low-power, wide-area wireless network for IoT devices, covering 70+ countries. It offers a proprietary protocol for long-range communication at low data rates, and a cloud-based platform with a subscription model. and LoRaWan LoRaWAN is a low-power, long-range wireless network protocol for IoT devices, designed for secure data transmission over unlicensed radio frequencies. It operates on a star-of-stars network topology and is used in applications such as smart cities and agriculture. technology.

In the past, mainly across Europe, I have had the privilege of founding, co-founding, building, and managing a number of innovative companies/initiatives such as:

In addition to these entrepreneurial endeavors, I have also provided advisory expertise in various capacities:

My work and accomplishments have attracted attention from prominent media outlets such as: The Guardian, Virgin Media, Foreign Policy, The Economist, TechCrunch, Forbes, BBC, Der Spiegel, Die Zeit, France24 and The Red Bulletin.

If you'd like to connect with me or stay updated, you can find me on LinkedIn | Twitter | Facebook or drop an email kushtrim [at] xhakli.com